Our services

We provide full service vending at no cost to you!

As a customer oriented company, we offer our best services to our customers. It is our goal to build a positive relationship with our customer by encouraging communication and feedback.
We want to know how we can improve our service so that we can serve you better. We are here to satisfy our customer delight.

Verification of the machine
A test will be performed on the machine to ensure that is excellent working condition on the actual deploying of the machine.

Setting up of the machine
Setting up includes transporting and installation of the machine in working order at the designated area and location.

Regular replenishment
After familiarizing the demand of our customers, we will make sure that replenish the stocks to adequately meet the customer needs.
We change and update the machine with different type of attractive products from time to time to delight consumers.

We will fully provide maintenance services and technical support to ensure quality of service and the condition of the machine.

Hotline service
We have a 24 hours/7days hotline for our customers in case they are not able to make their purchase successfully.
We can also be easily reached via email. All these contact information will be displayed prominently on our vending machines.

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